Wednesday, April 27, 2005


The Steele Fortress

There has been some discussion on Lambda the Ultimate about a new language that Guy Steele (of Scheme fame, among other things) has been working on at Sun Labs. It is called Fortress and is targeted towards the same application domain as Fortran. This is *not* Fortran, however. Take a look at this list of features (shamelessly cut&pasted from LtU):

  • an advanced component and linking architecture

  • objects and traits (which look similar to Moby and Scala)

  • multiple dispatch

  • type inference

  • parameterized types

  • extensible syntax

  • first-class functions

  • proper tail calls

  • labelled jumps, exceptions

  • contracts

  • some interesting parallelism features (including futures, parallel loops, atomicity primitives, transactions)

  • matrices

  • comprehensions

  • bignums, fixnums (signed and unsigned), floating-point, imaginary and complex numbers

  • dimensions

  • It is nice to see type inference popping up again, as well as proper tail calls, parameterized types and contracts (kinda sounds like Nice except for the tail calls). I have only glanced at the spec but one of the interesting things that popped out is that do-loops are assumed to execute in parallel by default. It will be interesting to see what happens with this language.

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